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Classic textures

Standard textures.

Matt texture

Lacquer texture

Satin texture


Layered structures are manufactured using special profiles and our own technology.

Layered with LED

Layered structures with LED light


Carved stretch ceilings always consist of two sheets. One sheet is used as the basis or background, while art holes are cut out in the other sheet. Both sheets are installed at a short distance from each other (often using LED light) in order to create an eye-catching effect.


Fabric stretch ceilings consist of thin polyester fiber impregnated with a special polyurethane coating. This type of ceilings has a specific fabric texture that gave name to it.

Floating ceilings

Floating stretch ceilings are installed using special profiles, which also serve as stretch ceiling fasteners and LED strip seats. The stretch ceiling sheet is secured before it comes close to the wall. The gap between the wall and the ceiling is illuminated by an LED strip, thus creating a quirky “floating” effect along the entire perimeter of the ceiling.

Translucent (luminous) ceilings

Light-transmitting textures are special translucent materials used for the installation of illuminated stretch ceilings. Unlike other textures, they transmit light well and are used to install luminous stretch ceilings.

Starry sky

The starry sky effect can be created in several ways, particularly when using fiber optic cables, RGB lights, printing, etc.

Contour LED lighting

Contour LED lighting is achieved using special profiles, which also serve as stretch ceiling fasteners and LED strip seats. The profile and the stretch ceiling sheet are mounted close to the wall. A clear contour lighting line runs along the wall.

Shadow profile

A special shadow profile is attached close to the wall, while the stretch ceiling sheet is inserted deep into the profile groove. There is a clear, regular shadow gap between the ceiling and the wall.

KRAAB gapless system

The KRAAB gapless system is implemented using sophisticated technology with a special profile. The profile and the stretch ceiling sheet are closely adjacent to the wall and make no gap. Thus, the ceiling and vertical surface joint is perfectly tight, and there are no gaps, blind plates or decorative inserts between them.

Art print

You can choose a picture for printing on the website: https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/

Eco solvent — is traditional photo printing with eco-solvent inks with a high resolution of up to 1,440 dpi. Eco-solvent inks have a low content of volatile organic compounds and are marked by superfine pigment particles. Eco solvent photo printing causes a slight or no scent. The effective area of ​​printing is 200 to 320 cm.

UV print – is printing with UV inks. UV photo printing has a number of advantages. The printout is not likely to be wiped off or get sticky. The absence of a vaporizing component ensures environmental friendliness. The printing area is 500 cm.

Adhesion of textures

The adhesion of stretch ceilings makes it possible to create various curved shapes and apply various design solutions. Shaped adhesion allows to combine sheets of different colors and patterns, similar or contrasting shades and textures.

Heated ceiling

Ceiling heating is achieved using a carbon film mounted behind the stretch ceiling. It is based on the principle of infrared radiation when soft heat generated by it is evenly distributed over the room with no heat loss. The temperature is adjusted with the master switch or the remote control.

  1. Ceiling heating is maintenance free. The service life is more than 80 years.
  2. Ceiling heating is extremely cost-effective.
  3. Ceiling heating does not burn oxygen. Natural humidity is maintained in the room.
  4. Ceiling heating is fireproof and makes no sound.
  5. Ceiling heating is totally harmless to humans and pets.
  6. Ceiling heating sets a warm-up time automatically.
  7. Ceiling heating is 100% compatible with stretch ceilings.

Enhanced sound proofing

Various materials, such as rock wool, polypropylene, polyurethane, mineral wool, etc., can be used for sound proofing. Soundproof materials are first mounted on the base ceiling and then covered by a stretch ceiling.

3D ceilings

The 3D effect of stretch ceilings is created in various ways, particularly when using 3D patterns, lighting or three-dimensional designs.

Acoustic ceilings

Acoustic stretch ceilings dampen sound vibration. The most important thing is that they effectively perform their functions, particularly absorb sounds and soften the room from an echo.

Lighting lines

Lighting lines are mounted using special profiles, which also serve as stretch ceiling fasteners and LED strip seats.


Mirror stretch ceilings are made of a unique ultralight material with a reflection coefficient of about 98%. Furthermore, the sheet is as light as 200 grams per square meter. Such a small thickness prevents condensation on the surface of the mirror stretch ceiling, which is why the material is a good choice even for rooms with high humidity.

Stained glass

Art print ceilings that look like stained glass. For greater effect, LED lighting is mounted in the ceiling void.

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